Burning Extra Calories After Pregnancy

What happens with women’s bodies after giving birth? Do they come back to their normal size on their own, or do we need to do something about the extra pounds? Unfortunately we need to do something about them otherwise they will stay in our thighs, belly and bottom forever.

Starting any diet after pregnancy is not easy because we need to be careful with what we eat due to breastfeeding. We cannot engage in any of the fad diets because we need to have a balanced diet to provide the baby with sufficient nutrients to grow strong.

There is not a quick miraculous way of getting rid of the post-pregnancy pounds. You need to know that the changes you make in your lifestyle will bring results in the long term.

Doctors have discovered that women who were breastfeeding and on a normal diet, without reducing the food intake and no exercise routine, were able to lose about 600 calories while breastfeeding.

That’s good news for us because that means we will be losing weight while we nurse our babies without depriving ourselves of food or going on long gym sessions. However, your child will not always need milk; what will happen to you when your baby turns 6 months old? That’s when you will have to find a good training program.

You not only need to lose the pregnancy pounds, but you also need to tone your muscles. Losing weight without toning your muscles is a waste of time. Two workouts that will help you to put your skinny jeans back on are weight training and aerobic exercise.

The good thing about weight training is that you will be able to build muscles that are lean, therefore your body will shed fat even when you are not exercising. Make sure that you exercise all the different groups of muscles, in particular the belly area.

Any training plan you start should be accompanied by a healthy plan. I understand that we all feel the urge to self-indulge from time to time; that’s ok if you don’t do it every day. Give yourself a reward only once a week. Add vegetables and fruits to your diet; they will satisfy you quickly and you won’t end up eating a feast.

Going back to your pre-pregnancy weight is possible, however it can be challenging. I have a friend who looked even better after she gave birth. Remember that challenges offer great rewards.