Cardio To Get Six Packs Abs


Cardiovascular workout is a great form of exercise. You might be confused about aerobic and cardiovascular exercise.

Well, they are the same and are considered to be the most effective technique to lose weight.

Research supports the fact that cardio exercise enables you to lose weight at a higher rate than any other form of exercise. If you think that you do not need to lose weight but want to get six packs, then you will still need to adopt a type of cardio.

H.I.I.T. – High Intensity Interval Training:

HIIT is the type of aerobic exercise which pushes you more than usual and you cross the limit of maximum intensity at which you can work. It makes the metabolism faster and lets you burn the extra calories in no time.

Well, how do you do it? You start slowly with lower intensity cardio workouts. After doing it for, say, 10 minutes, your body will be warmed up a little. Now is the right time to switch to HIIT.

If you are in a gym, your trainer will tell you to exercise more intensely for another 20 minutes. It will be hard for those who are not physically strong. So you need to be extremely careful as extra effort can cause cramps if you are not prepared. The main advantage is that HIIT will keep your metabolism on a high for the next 24 hours unlike the lower intensity exercises.

Six Packs:

The theory behind HIIT for developing the six pack abs involves easy steps. If you are in a gym you can follow these steps on your favorite cardio machine. The first four minutes are for warm-up.

Then you have to run for 1 minute at a speed of 8 kmh. Note your level is at 6 to 7. Then turn to slow jogging at around 6 kmh for 2 minutes; now the level has to be 5. Now increase your speed to 9 kmh for another minute at a level of around 8, and so on.

You need to increase your speed by 1 kmh after every 5-6 minute jogging session with an increasing level. At the end, you need to cool down your body steadily for 4 minutes.