Cardiovascular Exercises to Do at Home

Cardiovascular exercises are a great way of losing weight. And you don’t need to join a gym to perform cardio. They can be done at home and effectively.

Skipping Rope
The skipping rope is also called a jump rope. The equipment is not only cheap it is also great when it comes to losing weight and building stamina. You can buy a jump rope from any sports store. Make place in any room in your house where you can easily jump rope. You can even move your car out from the garage if there isn’t enough space inside your home.

Just ensure there aren’t any things lying around that might cause hindrance and injuries. Try to increase your pace and number of jumps with each passing day. Make small circular movements with your wrists for high intensity workout. You can even perform this exercise without the use of rope.

Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks is a form of military training exercise. It is beneficial for strengthening heart, lungs and even abdominal muscles. Strand straight with your arms at your sides. Now jump in the air. As you jump, move your feet apart and clasp your hands together above your head. Remember to tighten your core muscles when performing this exercise. Keep your back straight even while jumping in the air.

Burpees exercise is a combo of jumping and push-ups. Though the exercise is simple and easy to perform but it has many benefits. You will require clear space for performing this exercise. Get into a squat position and place your hands on the ground. Your hands should be placed firmly in front of you. In a quick motion kick your feet back and move your body horizontally to come to the push up position. Hold for three seconds and then quickly come back to the squat position and finally jump in the air to stand up with your arms pointing upwards.

Shadow Boxing
Shadow boxing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that can be performed at home for maximum results. This exercise is great for building muscles and stamina. Begin by marking an area on the wall. Perform the exercise in quick and well-timed movements. Put your one foot forward and punch the area on the wall with the corresponding fist. Remember not to punch the wall literally. You only have to jab at the spot in air.