3 Tips To Care Hair During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a woman. A woman enjoys each and every moment of her pregnancy period and eagerly waits for the delivery of the baby.In order to make sure that the baby is born healthy and fit, it is very important for the ladies to take proper care of themselves during the period of pregnancy. Any kind of negligence can prove to be harmful for the baby.

Caring For Hair During Pregnancy

There is a change in the overall body, including hair, during pregnancy. These changes take place due to change in hormones due to pregnancy. Hair and pregnancy are very closely related to each other.A woman would observe a great change in the health and texture of her hair during her pregnancy period. The hair usually becomes lustrous, healthy, and thick during pregnancy.  This occurs as a result of increased level of oestrogen hormone. After the delivery of the baby, the hair starts shedding at a rapid pace, which is really quite disturbing for women.

Further, women are quite fond of enhancing the beauty of their hair through hair treatments like hair coloring and hair perming. However, these hair treatments can prove to be quite harmful for the health of both baby and mother.In this article, we shall discuss about a few hair care measures that a woman should take during her pregnancy period, so as to maintain the health, beauty, and texture of her hair.

Some Tips On Caring For Hair During Pregnancy

Avoid Chemically Enriched Hair Treatments

As the most important pregnancy hair care measure, women should avoid the use of hair treatments like hair perming, hair straightening, and hair coloring. These hair treatments involve the use of chemicals, which are really very harmful for the health of the baby and the pregnant lady.In case, a pregnant woman really wants to color her hair, it is suggested to go for hair treatments like low-lighting and highlighting, as these are considered to be safer alternatives as compared to overall hair coloring. The hair color is encased in aluminum foil, and does not come in direct contact with the scalp, hence proving to be quite safe.

Avoid Chemically Enriched Hair treatments

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

In order to maintain the glow and shine of the hair during and after pregnancy, it is vital for a woman to go for regular deep conditioning hair treatments. Instead of opting for chemically enriched commercial deep conditioners, it is advised to make use of natural products for conditioning the hair.Mayonnaise and avocado based packs work wonders with respect to deep conditioning the hair. The pack should be allowed to stay on the hair for around an hour or two before rinsing it out. The hair would really become soft, smooth, and shiny with the help of this hair care measure.

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

Warm Oil Massage

Massaging the hair with warm olive oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil during pregnancy at least twice in a week would help in maintaining the texture and health of the hair. This hair care measure should be followed not only during pregnancy, but also after the delivery of the baby.Hair fall after delivery would get reduced, if a woman continues to massage her hair on regular basis. Improved blood circulation in the scalp as a result of scalp massage would stimulate the hair follicles to produce more hair, which in turn would restrict hair loss.

Warm Oil Massage