Chewable Calcium Supplements

Our body needs several vital nutrients for the proper functioning of the body system. One of the most important minerals needed for the body’s growth and our bone health is calcium. Adequate amounts of calcium are essential for preventing you from many diseases.

We get calcium from our diet but it is not possible to get the suggested amounts of calcium solely from the diet. And if you are not able to get sufficient amount of calcium it can lead to calcium deficiency. And if you become deficient in calcium it can lead to many problems such as osteoporosis, rickets, blood clotting, and bone density problems. Hence sufficient amount of calcium is of utmost importance.

Calcium is especially needed in greater amounts during pregnancy and periods of growth. Hence inadequate intake of calcium by pregnant women, growing children, elderly people, and women undergoing menopause is often prevented by taking calcium supplements.

Several types of calcium supplements are offered by the manufacturers these days. They are obtainable in the forms of pills, wafers, liquid-filled capsules, chewable calcium supplements and suspensions. Usefulness of these supplements depends on how your body responds to the ingredients contained in them. Many calcium pills are bulky and large; hence children might face troubles while swallowing them. But chewable calcium supplements are usually liked by children. These are yummy and unlike some pills they do not leave any taste after their consumption.

Chewable calcium tablets are soft. They have been found to be very useful and valuable for people of all age groups including children below the age of ten years. While purchasing chewable calcium supplements you must choose those which contain certain vitamins and minerals that support calcium absorption. These chewable tablets come in different shapes and sizes and contain artificial flavors too.

Calcium supplements can be made only in the form of compounds. Hence you will get calcium supplements containing compounds like calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, dolomite, calcium gluconate and coral calcium. The most common chewable calcium supplements contain calcium carbonate and calcium nitrate.

Calcium citrate has a high acidic content as compared to other calcium supplements; hence they should be taken after meals. And if you have high acidity or gastric problems you should avoid calcium nitrate and take calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate can also be taken before meals. Do not take overdose of calcium supplements because it can harm you.