Common Diet Related Pregnancy Discomforts

From the time of conception till a child is delivered, numerous changes take place in the body of an expectant mother.

A lot of common pregnancy problems and physical discomforts that crop up during these nine months are related directly or indirectly to the diet taken every day.

Morning Sickness:

Quite contrary to its nomenclature, a morning sickness may not always be experienced in the morning. For some females it is an irritating all-day nauseous feeling that makes life difficult for them.

Some women have it in the evenings. Studies suggest that the main reason behind the morning or evening sickness is the low blood glucose levels in the body. Hence, a dry biscuit or a light snack before leaving the bed helps tremendously in getting rid of this condition.

Low energy and sleepiness:

As the pregnancy progresses a very strange low energy and sluggish feeling creeps in. Some women find it difficult to keep awake or they just drag their body somehow to do the normal day to day chores.

In such condition it is advisable to eat small energetic meals and get some good pre-natal vitamins for energy boost.


Constipation during pregnancy is a diet related discomfort experienced by many pregnant women. It could be because of a faulty diet or sometimes the iron supplements may also cause constipation.

It is advisable to eat more whole meal bread, bran and bran based cereals, and other dietary fiber rich food to loosen and increase the bulk of the faeces. It is important to resolve this problem as soon as it starts because complications may lead to hemorrhoids.

Heart burn:

Heart burn or acidity is another very common problem associated with pregnancy. A female suffering from this problem should eat smaller meals and avid foods that are indigestible.

To avoid heart burn stop following the common meal pattern of a small breakfast, hearty lunch and a huge dinner. Instead go for five to six small meals throughout the day. Also, finish off the last meal of the day at least two hours before going to bed.

Cravings and food repulsions:

At most stages of pregnancy women experience a varied range of likes or dislikes in food. They may develop unexplained cravings for certain foods mostly sweet like ice creams, chocolates, candies and tangy foods like chilies and hot sauces.At the same time, some expectant mothers also develop an aversion towards certain food items like tea, coffee or fried foods.