Common Myths about Weight Loss

People who are genetically fat, can never dream of reducing weight. If you think this is true, think twice. Despite the fact that genetics have an important role to play in shaping the body structure, with proper exercise and a nutritious diet, you can actually reduce weight!

In a very similar fashion, there are numerous myths which most people entertain and believe to be true. However, before starting up with an appropriate weight loss programme it becomes tremendously important to shatter and dismantle the core of such myths.

It is believed that the weight of an obese person includes not only fat but also the weight of muscles, bones and water. The assumption is absolutely correct. Body weight includes all of these components.

This is why a few people who are muscular but have a flat stomach, are categorized as being obese. It is also said that obesity is caused by excess consumption of calories.

This too is correct. The more calories you consume, the more weight you gain. However, if you simultaneously keep burning off the calories through activity, they will be utilized and not stored.

Sometimes, it is supposed that only BMI or Body mass Index can correctly measure obesity. This belief is incorrect. BMI is used to measure the condition of being overweight. It is merely an index to calculate whether your height and weight are in an accurate ratio.

It does not include the weight of bones, muscles and water. In a similar fashion, it is assumed that a person ought to lose all his/her extra weight in order to get rid of the problems associated with obesity. The assumption is wrong. Losing up to five to ten percent of extra weight is ample to get yourself rid of diseases associated with obesity. However, this limit has to be maintained to keep the diseases at bay.

They say, if your family or close relations have had diseases associated with obesity, you are likely to have them too. It is indeed a fact. While your family or close relations cannot make you obese, they can place you at a position in which the risk of gathering chronic diseases from them is high.

Similarly, it is held that a healthy behavior incorporated in your daily routine, is a must for losing weight. This is true as well. In fact, you must trust this blindly. You need to incorporate a healthy behavior in your daily routine to reap the best benefits. A proper diet clubbed with regular exercise can produce wondrous results.

Weight cannot be lost in a day. One needs to work towards it with proficiency and dedication. Bust all your myths, stay away from conventions and carve out a way that suits your body. That is indeed the best way to look good and feel better.