Compulsive Exercising: It Can Break You

You are probably aware of the numerous benefits of exercising and playing sports – they keep you healthy, reduce the risk of diseases, strengthen your muscles and can definitely build more confidence and self-esteem. But is it possible to exercise too much? Yes, and this habit is called compulsive exercising.

What Causes Compulsive Exercise Behavior

Experts recommend that you perform close to 60 minutes of physical activity each day – people who are into sports may exercise more. In order to maintain a healthy body, you can burn up to 3000 calories in a week, but anything more than 3,500 can in fact, lead to increased risk of injury. Working out several times a day is a sure sign that you are overdoing your exercise regimen and turning it into a compulsive disorder.

Sometimes, people can exercise too seriously and end up hurting themselves. The pressure to lose weight quickly, look good, or perform better in a sport can turn you into a compulsive exerciser. Too much exercise can lead to muscle strains, fractures and other injuries. Moreover, it can cause depression, anxiety and other mental problems.

Signs and Symptoms that you are a Complusive Exerciser

You may be a compulsive exerciser if you;
• exercise even when you are sick or injured
• become upset or feel guilty if a single day passes without exercise
• exercise just because you feel the need to do it without in fact, enjoying yourself
• worry that you might gain weight if you don’t exercise
• prefer exercising to socialising

Help and Treatment

If you think you may be a compulsive exerciser have a talk with your doctor, your coach, a counsellor, peers or your parents. Since compulsive exercising can lead to eating disorders, it’s important to change your exercise routines. Therapy can help you deal with the problem effectively.

• Design a proper exercise plan. Start slowly and build up gradually. Apply moderation in your exercising routine. Try to bring in variations into your exercise.
• Make it a point to warm up before exercising and cool down after your routine is over.
• Don’t indulge in any kind of weight lifting that is too heavy for you.
• If you have a hard workout session, take a day to let your body rest.
• You can control your weight by striking a balance between exercise and good food.

Exercise should be fun and something that you enjoy doing. Remember that your body needs to rest too.