Cooking Tips for Weight Loss

Many times, it is not the food that we eat that causes obesity, but it is rather the manner in which the food is cooked. When you have two dishes with the same ingredients, then the trick lies in choosing the one that is cooked in a fashion that it reduces fat from the food.

Here are some tips to help you with your cooking, so that you can lose weight fast.

Begin by preferring baking over frying. Whenever possible, bake dishes to cook them. You can also use marinating before hand with the help of some lemon juice. Also remember, that a lot of fatty items such as potatoes cut down a lot of fat when they are baked or boiled, instead of fried. And that actually bring is to the next most preferred option for weight loss, which is boiling.

Dieticians often advise people to eat boiled vegetables daily in good amounts to be able to reduce weight. It also helps to cleanse the body from the unwanted toxins, and you will very soon start to feel light, active and healthy.

If you are cooking in the microwave, then the steaming option in it is ideal for you to cook most of your foods. That will automatically take away a lot of fat and calories from your dishes.

Now deep frying is something that we all love, simply because it adds a lot of taste to our food. However, one must remember that deep fried foods also add a lot of calories and fat to our diet. Luckily, there is a way you can avoid that too, by choosing healthy oils over unhealthy ones.

Also, try and make sure that your ingredients compensate for the deep frying. So for instance if you want to have mixed fried vegetables, ensure that there are good amount of healthy vegetables in it, which includes peppers, baby corn, broccoli etc. And at other times, the rule is simply to avoid deep fried food as much as possible.

A lot of times, people cook the food right but add condiments or toppings to the food that completely takes away the nutritional value. You can avoid that by restricting the amount of butter, cheese etc. that you use as toppings, and going in for low fat dips and sauces etc.