Coping With Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue and exhaustion are common symptoms experienced by people all over the world. A person may feel fatigued due to sleep deficiency, overexertion or some physical ailment.However, continuous fatigue for extended time span of time, say for more than six months, may be a warning signal for a critical condition. Chronic fatigue condition includes immunodeficiency syndrome, fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis.

The common reasons for chronic fatigue are many viral or bacterial infections. Once the infection is cured, exhaustion and tiredness disappears. Over–exertion due to excessive workload and rigorous schedules is another reason for chronic fatigue.

People suffering from depression and anxiety are often struck with chronic fatigue. Dehydration in the body and eating disorders are another cause of chronic fatigue. Nutritional deficiency may cause fatigue for extended periods.

With the tips given below, you can combat the debilitating effects of fatigue.
Eating a Balanced diet is essential to avoid occurrence or prevention against chronic fatigue. Appropriate intake of nutrients can be ensured by including fruits and vegetables in your meals.

Do not skip meals and if you are unable to digest three full meals try eating small quantities but at frequent intervals. It will ensure a continuous supply of energy. Food rich in sugar and fat causes lethargy and sluggishness. Intake of such food items should be avoided to prevent symptoms of chronic fatigue and other ailments.

People who live extremely stressful and hectic life suffer from chronic fatigue and lethargy. Problems in personal life such as tension with your spouse, etc. also cause fatigue in a person. The best way to combat fatigue is to identify the reasons for stress.

Once you have identified the reason, deal with them accordingly. If marital problems are giving you a hard time, sort them out. Problems due to over workload can be dealt through delegation of unimportant tasks and time management. Solicit help of friends and family or consult a professional counselor to deal with stress.

Living an inactive life develops chronic fatigue. Lack of physical exercise is bad for proper circulation of blood. To maintain your energy level, exercise regularly. It helps in relieving the tension and maintains a healthy heart.
You can even try some natural remedies that could help you to relax and energize your body.

For instance, Acupuncture, which his now practiced in many parts of the world, is good for relieving pain and strengthens the body physically and mentally. Massage with oils relieves the tensed muscles and boosts blood circulation. Mediation is another way of relaxing the body and dealing with fatigue and exhaustion.