Correct Ways Of Using Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are in vogue these days. Why not? Who wants to wear those dull and old fashioned specs with that specsy looks.

There are tremendous benefits of using contact lenses over specs. They provide better vision quality and don’t fog during winters.

Doctors prescribe contact lenses for people suffering from refractive errors including myopia (near sightedness) and hypermetropia(long sightedness), apart from that other problems of eyes like cylindrical powers(astigmatism) can also derive benefits from using these lenses.

People suffering with keratoconous and corneal scarring can improve their vision using these lenses. But indifferent and careless use of specs can lead to allergies and infections that can prove fatal as far as your vision is concerned.


Earlier there were two types of lenses hard and soft but now a day we hardly see any hard lens, they have been replaced by semi soft RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses, these lenses offer better oxygen permeability and have a longer shelf life as compared to an ordinary hard lenses.

Apart from semi soft lenses, soft lenses are also gaining popularity among the young people. these lenses are available in daily wear that need to be removed before going to bed , extended wear that can be used continuously for up to a week, and continuous wear, which can be used for up to 30 days. These lenses are made up of silicone hydro gels and come in a wide range of options.


1. Contact lenses have a time limit and should not be used more than their expiry period. Long wear lenses are susceptible to corneal instability and bacterial stagnation and should be replaced once used for their specified period.

2. These lenses should be cleaned properly using the prescribed solution. If not cleaned properly it can cause various types of allergies, conjunctivitis and other infections.

3. Unless using extended wear, never sleep wearing them.

4. If applying make up, never do it before wearing the lenses as it can touch the lenses, so it is highly recommended that you should apply make up only after putting on your lenses.

5. In case you feel uneasy or any kind of physical discomfort like watering, redness, pain or discharge from the eyes , stop their use immediately.