Cramping In Pregnancy- The Top 7 Ways To Stop Cramps While You Are Pregnant

One of the most agonizing problems experienced by pregnant women is cramping. You need not worry about it as it is a common problem associated with pregnancy. Cramping, especially leg cramping occurs more commonly at night and is more frequent in the third trimester of pregnancy.

These horrible leg cramps can be prevented or stopped by taking certain precautions while you’re pregnant. Given below are the top 7 ways to stop those nasty cramps while you are pregnant.

One way to stop leg cramps is to avoid being dehydrated. Your muscles can contract without any difficulty and can relax properly when they are well hydrated. So drink sufficient fluids including plenty of water to prevent dehydration and stop leg cramps during pregnancy.

Another way to stop cramping of legs while you are pregnant is to avoid standing for prolonged period of time. If you stand for long, it will hamper the blood flow to your legs and cause swelling.

If you have to stand or sit for long duration then you must take care that you take a short walk in between or keep your legs on a stool to provide support.

Leg cramps during pregnancy can also be stopped by exercising on a regular basis. Exercise will enable smooth blood flow to all parts of your body including legs. It will also supply sufficient oxygen to your body parts and tone your leg muscles.

Cramping usually occur at night time. Avoid this by relaxing and keeping your legs in an elevated position. Lying on your back should be altogether avoided as it may hamper blood flow to your legs resulting in cramping. Prefer lying on your left side to enable blood flow.

Performing light stretching before bed time will help you a lot in reducing those leg cramps during pregnancy. Make sure that these stretching involve your calf areas so that the strain on these areas is minimized and tightness reduced. Another way to stop these leg cramps is to have a lavish bath, which will facilitate your muscles to relax and prevent those awful cramps.

Taking food supplements containing calcium and magnesium can prevent leg cramps while you are pregnant. But before taking any supplements you must see your doctor.

If your leg cramps is unbearable or is accompanied with fever, chills or light-hotheadedness then you must report it to your doctor to rule out any complication.