Cures For Heartburn When Pregnant


Heartburn is not a disease of the heart, but it is a condition associated with digestive health. The problem occurs when the acid of the stomach comes in contact with esophagus’ lining, which results in digestive problems. This problem usually occurs after having meals.

The problem of heartburn is quite prominent in case of pregnant women. It is very common for women to face heartburn problem frequently during the pregnancy period. The major factor responsible for heartburn during pregnancy is a change in the hormones.

During the pregnancy phase, there is a rise in the level of progesterone hormone, which results in relaxation of lower muscles, hence invoking the acid of the stomach to go through esophagus. This deteriorates the health of the digestive system, subsequently resulting in heartburn, which makes a pregnant woman highly uncomfortable.

During pregnancy, it is quite obvious for the ladies to avoid taking drugs and medicines as far as possible, due to the risk of side effects associated with them. You never know when a particular drug or medicine can have an adverse reaction, thus proving to be dangerous for the health of both baby and mother.

Therefore, the best cures for heartburn should consist of natural remedies, which are quite effective and safe. In the section below we are going to throw light on some of the effectual natural cures for heartburn that should be followed by the women during the crucial pregnancy period.

Natural Cures For Heartburn During Pregnancy

Plan Your Meals Properly

The most effective method of treating heartburn during pregnancy is to plan your meals in a proper manner. It is suggested to eat smaller portions of meals frequently throughout the day instead of consuming three big meals. This would assist in maintaining proper health of the digestive system, thus helping to prevent and cure heartburn.

Consume Ample Water

One of the successful natural remedies for heartburn is to consume enough water during the day. Risk of being affected by heartburn would be tremendously reduced If you make it a point to consume around 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Eat Yogurt

Eating plain yogurt as soon as you notice the symptoms of heartburn would help to treat the problem instantly. Yogurt is considered to be a natural way of treating heartburn during pregnancy as it is enriched with live cultures that are of great assistance in maintaining proper balance of healthy bacteria within the intestines and stomach.

Do Not Sleep Immediately After Eating

It is highly recommended not to sleep immediately after having meals. You should wait for an hour or two to lie down on bed after your meals. Further, it is also suggested to avoid bending forward instantly after eating food.

Drink A Mix Of Milk And Honey

Drinking a glass of warm milk with one spoon of honey stirred into it would help in treating heartburn during pregnancy in a successful way.

Avoid Eating Fried Or Spicy Foods

Fried and spicy foods are the major triggers of heartburn. It is strongly suggested to avoid the ingestion of such foods during pregnancy, so that digestive system remains in good health.

Do Not Consume Caffeinated Drinks

All kinds of caffeinated drinks like colas and coffee should not be consumed during pregnancy so as to avoid and cure heartburn.