Dangers During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a very delicate period in a woman’s life, and it is essential for every expectant mother to take care of her health, mentally as well as physically. There is no point in giving your body complete rest and nutrition, when in your head you constantly have some fears or dangers running every now and then. And vice versa too can’t happen – that you are comfortable mentally about the pregnancy but are not giving any physical comfort to your body. Both are equally important for the birth of a healthy baby.

Dangers During PregnancyOne of the most dreaded dangers and fears of pregnancy is that of miscarriage. Most women worry about this a lot, and just a small amount of pain in their stomach is enough to act as a trigger to make them worried about their baby. This is why, it is important for a woman to understand that slight pain in the abdomen and discomfort during pregnancy are normal, and that they do not necessarily mean a miscarriage. A pregnant woman must avoid all kinds of physically stressing activities to ensure that there is no pressure on the womb, and that the baby is safe.

Next, there is always a danger of the woman not being fully prepared for her delivery. In such situations, women have to go for a C-section instead of a normal delivery, because they are not strong enough to push the baby out. This problem however can be sorted, by ensuring that expectant mother is eating all the right kinds of healthy foods during her pregnancy. At the same time, it is also important to avoid smoking and drinking of alcohol.

stressing activitiesIssues of weight gain, fatigue and exercise too bother many women. It is important to realize that weight gain is a part of pregnancy, and that once your delivery is done, getting back in shape is not an impossible goal to achieve. Also, exercising in the right amounts is necessary during pregnancy to prepare the body for the delivery. Though too much of it can be harmful. Thus, expert supervision is required at all points of time.

Make sure that you do not risk your pregnancy by going in for self-medication, or trying out different things without proper consultation. Remember, you have the responsibility of bringing a new life, so you must fulfil that task well.