Dangers Of Teenage Obesity And How To Avoid It

In this modern age and time, one of the fastest spreading epidemics is obesity. Obesity is the condition in which your Body Mass Index or your BMI ranks above 30.

A BMI measures your weight against your height, and if that measure comes up to above 30, it means you are obese. Obesity, or the condition of having excess fat, directs towards health risks. Obesity puts you at a greater danger for heart disease and diabetes, besides putting pressure on all your organs.

Today, teenagers all over the world are a part of the obese culture. About one third of the teenagers are obese. This can lead to many problems later in life in addition to dealing with health problems that can be avoided, more importantly, shame and embarrassment is very damaging to self-esteem.

To avoid teenage obesity, we must first see what is causing it. Long hours in a sedentary lifestyle is the number one cause. With the introduction of newer technologies, children are getting hooked on at a young age and with everything being delivered to your doorstep, physical activity is very low. Schools need to take steps to pull up their physical education lessons and make sure that each child is getting individual attention that caters to their needs.

In addition to that, a culture of being healthy starts at home, only if parents encourage a healthy lifestyle will the children eat right, exercise and grow up to be healthy. The fast food culture is ruining many a child’s health. The options available outside for take-aways or drive-ins are very limited and more or less consist of deep fried and highly unhealthy food. These outlets need to rethink their menu too.

To avoid teenage obesity, the most important thing is that the teenager should be motivated by him/herself. The initiatives towards eating right and exercising should come from within oneself. Teenage obesity is a growing epidemic and immediate steps need to be taken to avoid it. Not only is it harmful in the long run, but the short-term effects can be damaging too. Immediate steps need to be taken to make the new generations more health conscious, so that they can lead a healthy and happy life.