Dealing With Miscarriage Symptoms

Miscarriage, according to experts, is common in one amongst every five women, with several not really knowing that they had been pregnant. Early occurrences of miscarriage make it difficult for women to discern whether or not they were pregnant.

However, there are times when certain factors can make you aware that you are experiencing miscarriage. Following are some of the common miscarriage symptoms as well as pointers to help you prevent experiencing them.

Common Symptoms of Miscarriage

Often in cases where the woman is unaware of being pregnant, a heavy period, which is albeit late and heavier than usual indicates early miscarriage.

However, other miscarriage symptoms include, experiencing heavy cramps in the stomach or pelvis, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, which are period like cramps in nature.

Bleeding is another common symptom of miscarriage, which usually occurs due to menstruation, which could be slightly delayed and heavier than usual.

It is important to differentiate this heavy bleeding from the light spotting that does occur due to implantation. Moreover, during a miscarriage, the bleeding does not only increase in intensity but also in frequency and often consists of clots.

Additionally, an ultrasound will not detect any heartbeat of the baby, which again is another common symptom of miscarriage. This is also followed by a general intuitive feeling that something has gone wrong with your pregnancy.

Preventing Miscarriage

While there is no specific manner in which you can totally prevent miscarriage, you can take certain steps to reduce the risk of experiencing any of the above miscarriage symptoms.

Common steps to take while pregnant to avoid miscarriage include eating regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. Moreover, it is important to ensure the right amount of exercise, which should be light and not heavy. Do remember to consult your doctor before you practice any form of exercise, when pregnant.

Additionally, pregnant women should avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and any form of drugs during the entire pregnancy term. Finally, avoid stress completely and ensure that you are happy to avoid miscarriage.

Understanding the common miscarriage symptoms and the ways to reduce risk of miscarriage will help you avoid miscarriage. However, under the worst circumstances, if you do miscarry, then it is important to avail proper help to overcome the physical as well as emotional stress of this occurrence.