Dealing with Obesity in Kids

Children these days are not as active as they used to be a few years ago, and the worst consequence of this trend has come out in the form of more and more children becoming obese day by day. While fat and chubby kids may seem cute to us visually, one must not forget that child obesity is very dangerous.

An increasing number of kids are now becoming diabetic at a very young age, and their cholesterol levels are also very high, making them extremely lazy, lethargic and disease-prone.

The causes for this can be considered to be many. It is mainly the kind of lifestyle that kids follow these days, ranging from being couch potatoes, to escaping from outdoor sports. Most kids are glued to their television sets or computers or gaming consoles, and they are no involved in any form of physical activity.

Apart from that, they are also increasingly becoming dependent on junk food such as pizzas, burgers, and colas etc., which have a very high fat content. So how does one get rid of this problem? Well, the answer lies in not strict parenting, but smart parenting. You need to encourage your kids to go and play outside in the park.

Join family sports, go for swimming or tennis together, or simply take your kids down to the park every day. It is also good to plan picnics once a week so that the kids get into the habit of being outside in the sunshine, and in the lap of nature.

At the same time, encourage the kids to have healthy foods. If they don’t understand, then you need to use some tricks. For instance, if they like pizzas, then give them pizzas, but change the ingredients smartly.

Instead of just a cheese pizza, give them a vegetable pizza, so that the vegetables compensate for the cheese and the fat. They might not like plain milk, but you can give it to them in the form of milk shakes or cold coffees. Encourage them to switch to lemonade or juices instead of colas.

Good exercising and good nutrition from childhood itself help a lot in the healthy development of an individual. Besides, you need to set examples for your kids. You need to be good with your own meal timings and choice of foods, only then will the kids learn. Take these simple steps, and kids will be to combat obesity forever.