Dealing With Oily Skin

Every woman dreams of a healthy glowing skin.  Any skin related problem is a catastrophic situation for most women. The human skin is usually of three types oily, dry and combination. Though dry skin is troublesome, oily skin too is a source of distress.

Oily skin is often shiny, thick and dull in color.  Heredity, improper diet, hormone levels, pregnancy, birth control pills, cosmetics and humidity or hot weather are identified as some of the main causes of oily skin.

Oily skin demands special cleansing with hot water and soap to prevent the pores from getting clogged. Also one should take care that the skin is not left taunt or dehydrated. Dehydration will cause the upper layer of the skin to shrink and will restrict oil flow through the pores. With time it will lead to blockages and breakouts on the skin.

Natural products can also be used to reduce oil content of the skin. Applying a mixture of lime and cucumber juice on the face before bathing is beneficial. To clear off excessive oil from the face use a clay or mud mask. To make a mud pack blend together 1 tablespoon green clay powder and 1 tablespoon raw honey. Apply this mixture on the face for 15 minutes thrice a week for best results.

Some herbal products are considered valuable while fighting against oily skin.  Aloe Vera, for example works excellently for oily skin. Also burdock root, chamomile, horsetail, oat straw and thyme are good for skin. Lavender is another natural product which is helpful when treating oily skin. Similarly witch hazel applied to the skin absorbs the extra oil.

Our skin instantly reflects what we eat. Thus, if you wish for a healthy, problem free skin, then it’s imperative to take a correct diet. One should take a diet rich in protein and at the same time restrict intake of sugar, fluid and salt. It’s good to take green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Avoiding oily food, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages is important if you wish to get rid of that oil prone skin.

Removing make up before going off to sleep is also very important. People also make use of astringents on the face. These are chemical substances and tend to shrink body tissue. Using astringent is helpful as it prevents dirt and other pollutant from entering the pores by clogging them.

Healthy skin is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. By taking some simple steps like sleeping properly, working out and eating right you can also obtain and flaunt a healthy skin.