Dementia: Signs And Symptoms

Severe injuries of the brain or diseases like brain tumors, stroke, etc can lead to the death of brain cells. This causes the problem of dementia in people. The symptoms of dementia vary according to the reason for the disease.

However memory loss including short term memory loss and long term memory loss has been identified as a common symptom of dementia irrespective of the cause which triggered the problem.Patients of dementia suffer from poor memory retention.

They can face problems in locating things they have kept earlier or remembering the tasks they were required to carry out. The problem can have serious consequences when the patient is unable to remember why and where they have come and are unable to find their way back home.

Such patients cannot recall events that have taken place recently.Lewy bodies are a cause of dementia. Such patients have visual hallucinations. These patients imagine things which are not present in reality and find it difficult to walk as they fall down frequently.

Patients of frontotemporal dementia behave abnormally. They can be indifferent and rude towards friends and family or pass indecent comments.Parkinson’s disease has been identified as another trigger of dementia. Such patients experience speech problems and are not able to communicate properly.

They tend to forget what they are saying or cannot remember the name of people and objects. They are unable to make any decision as their reasoning power and rationality is greatly reduced.

Patients suffering from dementia become dependent on others when their condition deteriorates. They find it impossible to carry out a task without the help of someone. They cannot make calculations or frame a plan.

Many a times, patients of dementia get depressed and lose control over their expressions, moods and reactions. In some cases, patients of dementia start behaving like a child or behave abnormally like laughing for no reason at all or crying over silly issues.

These patients cannot even remember regular habits like brushing their teeth or taking a shower. Patients of dementia need special attention and care and are often kept in institutes that offer medical support and care for these patients.