Developing Oral Hygiene In kids

Oral Hygiene In kids

Oral Hygiene in kids is becoming a major concern and it is very important also to develop good oral habits in your kid for long run. Kids should know the importance of healthy teeth and gums to follow a brushing and cleaning routine. Healthy teeth ensure smiling kids and lesser visits to the dentist. Kids are more prone to dental problems when they are not aware of the importance of oral hygiene.

Oral Hygiene In kids

They are fond of sweets, candies, chocolates, cold drinks, rather you can say they have a real time sweet tooth and sweet is the favourite food for bacteria and other oral problems to develop. Cold drinks do the damage by attacking the roots of the teeth thus making them sensitive. Sweets and sugar cause damage to the teeth by causing decay.

There are various views regarding when to start teaching kids oral hygiene. When they are babies mother should damp a soft cotton cloth and clean their palate and tongue and gums twice a day, so that they do not have bad smell coming from their mouth.

However the secretion of saliva is more in kids to protect their mouth from developing oral problems but we should ensure proper cleanliness from out side. By the age of one we should buy a soft a tender toothbrush designed especially for kids and give them so that they get into the habit of holding the brush.

Cotton cloth

Once they get the knack of holding their toothbrush teach them the importance of dental hygiene. Invest on kid’s toothbrush and toothpaste which are specially made for them. They are not harmful even if they are consumed and they are free from fluorides too.

Moreover they appeal kids a lot. Then teach them the proper way of brushing their teeth in small circular motions and then up and down movements. Proper technique for flossing should also be taught.

Taking care of their oral hygiene becomes easier with toothpaste with cartoon character and flosses with flavours like strawberry etc. Once they get into the habit of brushing make it a point to teach them brushing at night.  It is very important to brush teeth at night. Curb the intake of sweets and beverages like colas etc as they develop stains on the teeth.


If you detect plaque or tartar on their teeth immediately fix an appointment with the dentist and get it resolved. Because plaque deposition leads to severe dental problems. The dentist will also take care of small pores or gaps developing between teeth by taking an X-ray.

They use sealants in liquid form to close all the pits and cavities, thus stopping the cavities from increasing. Make brushing twice a day mandatory and you can do so by setting an example by brushing your teeth twice a day.

I can say that because I learned it from my parents and my kids and husband learnt it from me. Thus we can develop healthy oral habits in kids from very tender age, so that they keep them practicing them for their whole life.