Diet For Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of our body. It not only protects our internal organs but also defines our beauty and attractiveness. The condition of our skin is also a mirror to our internal health.

Our skin can never look healthy and beautiful without proper care, diet and exercise. It is important to ensure general fitness of the body for beautiful skin.

You should have a skin care regime suitable to your individual skin type. Regular exercise is also very important. A whole body exercise certainly benefits the face but you should also do specific exercises for face.

Before you reach out for that can of cola, let me remind you everything we eat shows on our face. Yes that innocent looking bar of chocolate has full potential of showing up on your face in the form of a nasty pimple.

Good digestion is the biggest secret behind beautiful skin. Do not under-estimate its importance at any point of time. Your digestion can function properly only when you are eating the right kind of food and in the right amount. You should regulate your meal times by eating at the same time every day.

Do not eat anything other than fruits and nuts in between meals. This ensures that the food get digested completely before the next meal. Moreover, there should be a gap of at least four hours between your meals. According to Ayurveda, it takes six hours for food to get completely digested. Do not get tempted to overload your system by eating something every now and then other than fruits and nuts.

Your ideal diet should comprise ample amount of fruits/vegetable juices, wholegrains like oats and barley, freshly cooked vegetables (try to eat as many different colors as possible but giving priority to leafy greens), proteins in the form of sprouts and lentil soups. Also include ample amounts of fresh fruits and salads in your diet. Besides, try to eat as much organic as possible.

You should also take natural blood purifiers to keep your skin healthy and supple. The best blood purifier by far is neem. You can boil some fresh neem leaves in a cup of water and reduce the quantity to half. Strain and drink it every alternate day.

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