Do You Really Need to Lose Weight? Calculate!

It’s either that you have realized it or that people have told you by now, but you know that you are obese.

That might be your case, but a number of times, people in the hurry of meeting their deadlines, do not realize when did they gain weight or lose it! By the time they do, many of their precious moments are lost. It thereby becomes very essential to gauge the waters at the right time. You must be aware of whether you need to lose weight or not. For this purpose, the concept of BMI score has been designed.

BMI is expanded as the Body Mass Index. It is primarily a calculation which helps you determine the level of your obesity. Generally considered to be a reliable and dependable indicator of obesity and body weight, BMI score is largely accepted as a universal basis in most medical communities.

It has also gained immense popularity because it is easily calculable and people can determine their scores, sitting right at their homes! For calculating the BMI score, one needs to divide his/her weight in kilograms with the square root of one’s height in meters. The results obtained can be analyzed as under-

a.    Below 21- Under Weight
b.    Between 22 and 25- Normal Weight
c.    Between 26 and 30- Overweight
d.    Above 30- Medically obese

When you decide to calculate your BMI, keep a track of the units being used (height-meters & weight- Kilograms). If you know your height in inches, multiply it by 2.5 and divide it by 100 to get the number in meters. Similarly, if you are aware of your weight in pounds, divide it by 2.2 to get your weight in kilograms. What you have as a result, is what your body has truthfully told you!

However, there is a rider here as well. Sometimes, this score detects and classifies you as being obese while actually you are not! This happens in situations and with people in whose body, muscles weigh higher than fats. If you are muscular, this test may classify you as being obese but there is no need to worry about it.

Muscles and fats- both show themselves in body exteriors and one will accurately know whether the resultant high BMI score is a consequence of his/her being muscular or being fat. Nevertheless, if the test categorized you as obese, wait no more- it is as good as an official proof. It is time to try the medications and hit the treadmill.