Does Diet During Pregnancy Affect the Size of a Baby?


Pregnancy requires extreme care and attention. It is one the most vital stages in the life of a woman. It is imperative for a woman to take care of herself during this stage, so that the health of both the baby and the mother is maintained. Nutrition is one the most important aspects during this crucial stage.

The baby gets the nutrition from his or her mother. The health, size, and development of the baby are entirely dependent upon the foods that the baby receives through his or her mother.

The foods consumed by the mother are digested in the form of small molecules and are absorbed by the intestines into bloodstream. Thereafter, they are passed into bloodstream of the baby.

So, the fact cannot be ignored that diet during pregnancy can really have an impact on baby’s size and development. Pregnant ladies should keep in mind that the baby receives all the energy and nutrition from the foods they eat.

So, they should make sure to eat quality foods,in order to provide all the vital minerals and vitamins to te baby. The amount of nutrients that a lady consumes also has an impact on the health and size of baby. Therefore, it is vital to include quality foods in the diet, while making sure to eat them in good amount.

A Few Facts about Pregnancy Diet


Malnutrition can have a significant impact on baby’s size. The baby requires calories in appropriate amount to grow properly. Malnutrition only has a bad impact on baby’s health and does not allow him or her to develop adequately. This may have severe birth defects.

Restricted calorie intake is the major reason for decreased birth weight. So, diet during pregnancy should be focused towards appropriate intake of calories to allow the baby to develop properly in terms of size.


It is observed that ladies who smoke generally do not remain in good health. Also, it is one of the major causes of lower birth weight of the babies. At times, smoking may also prove to be fatal for both the baby and the mother.

Thus, in order to ensure that the baby remains in good health and is born healthily, it is imperative for the pregnant ladies to quit smoking prior to planning for the baby.


Iron is one of the essential minerals which should be consumed during the pregnancy period. Deficiency of iron in the body can lead to anemia, which has a direct impact on the weight of the baby. There is a decrease in the quantity of red blood cells in the body due to insufficient intake of iron, which eventually leads to anemia.

This health related problem has a direct impact on weight of the baby. The baby may not be able to develop properly in terms of size, consequently resulting in reduced birth weight.

The problem of anemia can be easily prevented with the aid of eating iron rich foods. Further, doctors also prescribe an iron supplement during pregnancy to overcome any kind of iron deficiency in the body.

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