Does Green Tea Accelerate Weight Loss?

A recent study has revealed that the secret to the slimness of Asian people lies in green tea. Have you ever seen Asian people suffering form obesity? You will never see one because drinking green tea plays a key role in weight control.

Doctors claim that green tea not only helps people control their weight but it also helps them prevent and even avoid a number of diseases. The western cultures have realized that to get the same benefits as their eastern counterparts they need to make good use of this tea. But how does green tea affect the body? Does green tea really help you to lose weight?

One of the reasons why experts believe this brew helps in weight loss is because it speeds up the metabolism. That means it helps your body increase its energy expenditure. In a 24-hour period, researchers found that green tea increased the metabolic rate by as much as 4%. Green tea has a high level of catechin polyphenols that help increase the level of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body burns calories. So green tea helps you lose weight by causing your body to burn more calories and lower your body fat.

The second reason why green tea is useful in weight loss is that it hinders fat absorption and regulates glucose. Green tea slows the increase in blood sugar after meals and regulates glucose to avoid high levels of insulin and the storage of fat. So green tea aids in weight loss by repressing fat absorption.

The third reason is that it will help you diminish your appetite and, as a consequence, you won’t eat as much and will be on the right track to shedding weight.

Green tea can be an ally to consider when attempting to shed fat. Three to five cups a day is considered optimum. But you shouldn’t forget that having a well-balanced diet and an active lifestyle are the most important things necessary to lose weight effectively.

If you replace your morning coffee with green tea, you’ll be helping your body to burn calories, you’ll slow down the absorption of fat and you’ll eat less. Green tea can be a good addition to your regimen to assist you in your efforts to become healthier.