Dry Skin- Cause And Care

A healthy skin has a high water content which keeps it soft and supple. It must have at least 10% of water level in its top layer to retain its softness and normal texture. Skin produces an oily substance called as “sebum” which helps in preserving the water content in the top most layers.

It acts as a protective sheet that protects the skin from excessive water loss. Sometimes certain environmental factors damage the skin and hence lead to, skin dryness. Dry skin on face most likely turns red and becomes irritated.

Factors That Cause Dry Skin:

Following factors can lead to dry skin:

Excessive hot climate, such as in some parts of Southwestern United States can increase evaporation rate of water, which results in dry skin.

Excessive exposure to dry indoor air especially use of air heating system can lead to dry skin.

Exposure to wind and sun as in athletes and sportsmen can also be a cause of dry skin.

Even swimming is also potential cause of dry skin as the chemical content of pool water can absorb skin moisture.
Using non-prescribed skin care products

Skin care tips

Dry skin causes itching which can affect your normal sleep and work ability so it needs to be cured at earliest. Following skin care tips can help you prevent and cure dry skin:

Don’t bathe with very hot water and use a soap that contains fat content or glycerin.

Don’t use harsh soaps and avoid scrubbing.

Apply body moisturizer after taking a shower.

If you use an indoor heating system then try to maintain optimum humidity level through a humidifier.

Try to cover up your when exposed to sun and use a moisturizer for dry skin to prevent the loss of skin moisture.

Overuse of perfumes and deodorants should be avoided.

Use good quality skin care cream or other skin care products

Dry skin is a very common problem so many people ignore this but if not treated properly dry skin can lead to cracks and bleeds. It can also cause swelling and bleeding. So take care of your skin by taking above mentioned measures and say bye to dry skin.