Effective Cures For A Frozen Shoulder


Frozen ShoulderDo you experience difficulties in performing simple jobs like combing your hair or putting your hand in the back pocket of your pants? If so, you should be cautious, as the difficulties you experience can be the initial symptoms of the condition of a frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition where one will experience trouble in moving the shoulder muscles, over a period of time. This condition, which is also termed as adhesive capsulitis, can be caused by the lack of regular use of the shoulder muscles, a poor posture, an aftermath of a physical injury and due to conditions like hyperthyroidism and diabetes.

If not taken care of in time,the condition of frozen shoulder can limit your range of mobility largely.

Here are the Effective Cures for a Frozen Shoulder

Massage Therapy

Undergoing a massage therapy is found to be an effective way to tackle the condition of frozen shoulder.For effective pain relief, see to it that the areas of the shoulders, neck and back are massaged in soft circular motions.

This will bring about an increased blood flow in the affected regions,thereby proving relief from the pain and stiffness.You can either seek the help of a professional masseuse or else you can also ask your close acquaintance to perform the massage treatment.

Use Hot Compress

To relax the stiffened shoulder muscles and to reduce the pain, you can make use of a hot compress.For this purpose, you can soak a clean washcloth in hot water and apply it onto the affected areas several times a day.For enhanced results,it is recommended that you follow up the heat application immediately with a massage session of your shoulders.

Exercise your Shoulder Muscles

In order to deal with the condition of frozen shoulder,it is necessary that you exercise your shoulder muscles in a regular manner.There are many simple stretching exercises which will help in increasing the range of motion of the shoulders.

A simple method will be to circle your arms in the clockwise and anti clockwise directions, in a pain free range of motion. You can also try out various yoga moves in order to increase the muscle flexibility. However,see to it that the workouts are always performed under the guidance of a trained instructor, in order to avoid complications.

Correct your Posture

A faulty posture can be one of the main reasons for the development of a frozen shoulder.Do not slouch and always try to sit by keeping your shoulders upright and your spine straight.While at work,do use an adjustable chair,which will allow you to sit straight.

Modifying your sleeping posture will also help in providing considerable relief from the condition of frozen shoulder. You should always lie on your back by providing support to the affected arms and shoulders,by placing pillows underneath them.

The Medical Cures for a Frozen Shoulder

If the above said remedies do not work for you, then you should immediately consult a doctor to prevent the condition of frozen shoulder from worsening. Doctors usually suggest the use of anti- inflammatory medications and corticosteroid injections to bring the situation under control. If these treatments prove to be ineffective, then surgical methods are followed to take care of the condition.