Effective Home Remedies For Treating Sunstroke

Home Remedies For Treating Sunstroke

Summers arrive and you will hear a lot of complaints related to health like vomiting, diarrhoea, high fever, jaundice, eye flu, low blood pressure, feeling thirsty all the time etc. All these common problems can be faced by anyone during summers. But we cannot avoid going out during summers just because it is too hot outside. A bit care full attitude towards health can save us from all these problems easily.

Home Remedies For Treating Sunstroke

Some Routine Tips To Avoid Sunstroke

Like other seasons if we keep an eye on what we eat then we can easily stay fit during this season and fights the heat of summers. Small habits can also be very helpful in summers like if we eat a lot of salads with cucumber, tomatoes, onion and lemon with food.

It will hydrate our body and make us fit too. Before moving out of the house drink a lot of water so that your stomach gets full of water and you do not feel dehydrated in the sun. If you will cover your head while going out of the house it will save you from direct exposure to the sun.

Always wear green sunglasses and try wearing white clothes if going out in the sun. Before going in or moving out of air conditioner wait for few minutes so that the body temperature becomes normal otherwise sudden change in the temperature might cause cold and cough.

If you are feeling very hot due to heat , vomiting feeling is there, suddenly you feel the head is going round and you are about to fall and your hands and feet are turning then immediately consult a doctor as it might be a heat stroke. Till the doctor arrive make the patient lie in cool place and loosen the person’s clothes so that the body’s temperature lowers down. Keep cold water cloth on eyes and stomach. Rub some ice on the lips and ask the person to lick some ice too.

Eat Salad

Some Home Remedies For Heat Stroke

Make a sandal wood paste and apply it on the forehead. Grind some coriander leaves green ones and apply this paste on the forehead and at the temples too it is very good coolant. Boil raw mangoes in water and take out the mango pulp and add some water and sugar salt to it and make the person drink it is very good for relieving the heat stroke.

Sandalwood Paste

You can also make a paste of gram and jowar flour in water with salt, it is also good for drinking during heat stroke. Homemade lemonade is also very good to reduce the effect of heat. You can also make and give Thandai, Khus Sorbet or sandal sorbet or rose sorbet for drinking to the person having heat stroke. If there is severe sun stroke make the person drink tamarind pulp mixed with water and add some sugar also to the pulp. It is very good for sun stroke. You can also give tulsi leaves juice one teaspoon and just add some sugar for taste. Give it 3-4 times in a day this will lessen the effect of heat on the body.

Heat one onion in low flame and mix it with grounded cumin powder and some sugar. Eating this onion paste will relieve you from heat very quickly. Eating cucumber with black salt will also replenish the water content in our body and reduce the effect of heat too. The deficiency of salt will also be fulfilled and the stomach will also feel cool.

Mix some cumin powder in cold water and keep it for some time. Now mix this water thoroughly and then strain it. Give this water for drinking to the person suffering the heat stroke. Give 2-3 teaspoons after every hour the whole day.

If there is diarrhoea or loose motions due to heat then give pomegranate juice to drink. Or you can also give banana mashed in curd to eat. Bel sorbet or bel water with sugar is very beneficial in treating sun stroke.  Take the juice of one onion which is roasted and mix this juice in curd, it will say goodbye to heat of your body.

Drink Pomegranate Juice

For loose motions during summers add curd and rice or curd mixed with Isabgol, it will give you some respite from loose, motions. Dry some peels of pomegranate and grind them into fine powder, now mix this powder in one teaspoon fresh water, it will help in controlling loose motions.

Early to bed and early to rise will definitely help you in keeping fit during summers. Eat according to the weather and taking a walk in the morning and evening or exercising will keep you healthy. Avoid eating stale food, food from market, do not drink contaminated water from outside, never eat the fruits which are already cut and kept for long time and avoid eating chaat and pakoras during summers from unhygienic places.


Take control in consuming alcohol, wash your hands before eating anything, too much of tea or coffee or colas will reduce the immunity systems fighting tendency so you will get ill very frequently. So just stay away from all these bad things and follow a routine which is hygienic and healthy to stay fit this summer.

Proper skin care is also very necessary during summers because excessive heat might cause allergy, pigmentation and dullness in your skin. In order to avoid them do required skins care according to your skin type. If cannot do at home then just go and pamper your skin in a nice beauty salon.

Avoid Alcohol

Never try to copy other people in summers like if someone is moving out in the sun without sunglasses or covering head, please try to understand that every person’s immunity to fight a disease is different.

Thus with these home remedies for sun strokes your can easily cure a person from the after effects of heat. These are very effective ways to reduce the body heat and keep you cool. You can also keep ice packs along with these homemade remedies on the head to cool the head of the person suffering from heat stroke.

Proper Skin Care