Effective Vitamins For Healthy Hair


The beauty of the hair reflects the inner health conditions of a person. The intake of a number of vitamins can help in getting rid of hair loss problems. Having healthy hair is pleasurable and also gives a pleasant feeling to the one holding it.

So, to get such beautiful hair, a lot of vitamins and minerals are to be consumed as this can get the persons get rid of nutritional deficiencies and can lead to the maintenance of a healthy scalp, which eventually leads to thick black hair. This is a remedy to grey hair and baldness also.

Going in for vitamin therapy and nutritious diet plans ensure that the person has a healthy personality with healthy and beautiful hair. The best vitamins for hair are Vitamins A, B, C and E. So, taking a diet that comprises of all these vitamins can help a lot.

Of these again, Vitamin E is the most useful. This vitamin being an antioxidant enables the person to have a healthy scalp. This oil soluble vitamin is usually contained in green vegetables, beans, nuts and also in whole grains.

The loss of hair and graying of hair can be avoided with the use of Vitamin B in the diet as it can directly enable the growth of hair with the development of a healthy scalp. One of the factors that cause hair loss is the lack of vitamin B-6 and B-12 in the body.

To increase the circulation of blood in the scalp, which is one of the foremost reasons for poor hair growth, Niacin, also known as Vitamin B-3, can be consumed. B-5 also known as Pantothenic acid is another among the vitamins that promote hair growth. This vitamin for hair is usually found in the form of egg yolk, whole grains, milk, fish and brewers yeast.

The consumption of proper quantities of Vitamins C and A is also very useful. The former found mainly in citrus fruits and also in tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes and strawberries, is an antioxidant, which if consumed in required amounts can enable hair growth. Next, there is vitamin A that is found in eggs, cheese, milk, fruits and vegetables.

It is also found in peaches and apricots. This is in fact the most commonly found vitamin. This vitamin gives a shine to the hair and makes it black. This vitamin should not be consumed in large quantities as it is required only up to a very low extent.

It is the hair and skin that will depict the inner health of the person. So, by consuming the required vitamins for hair in proper quantities, this can be maintained.

consumption of proper quantities of Vitamins C and A