Effective Ways To Cope With Prenatal Depression


Pregnancy is undoubtedly a period of great joy, happiness and sheer bliss. A woman loves to be in her own beautiful world, weaving dreams around the baby and herself. But, unfortunately this not true for some.

A lot of times due to various medical and hormonal reasons pregnant women suffer from severe depression right from the initial stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy depression also known as prenatal depression is extremely common, but its severity differs from person to person.

What Causes Prenatal Depression

A lot of factors play an instrumental role in instigating pregnancy related depression and mood swings. Hormones are just one of them. A lot of physiological and emotional changes in the body during pregnancy help in multiplying all the anxiety and stress.

Apart from bodily changes, many times the changes in the external environment are also responsible for causing the depression. Sometimes sudden and unplanned pregnancy can be a reason for a major stress especially if the couple is not prepared for it.

Other causes behind prenatal depression could be erratic lifestyle, hectic work and home schedules, intake of alcohol, smoking, too much of caffeine, side effects of fertility medicines, poor nutrition and less sleep.

Effective Ways To Cope With Prenatal Depression

Build A Support System

Life takes a 360 degree turn as soon as youconceive a baby. It is not easy for every woman to cope with these sudden changes around herself. It is important thus to erect a support network of friends, spouse and close family around you to share whatever you feel with them.

On your list should be people who are really eager to listen, without being judgmental about your feelings. Try and stay away from people with negative feelings and thoughts as they might depress you even more.

Manage Stress With Yoga and Meditation

The most effective way to get rid of depression in pregnancy is to practice meditation or mild yoga exercises even if it is for a few minutes every day. Meditation has the magical powers to build a positive focus and ward off negativity, if any.

Health And Fitness Tips To Eliminate Stress

Take Up A Hobby

Indulging and keeping yourself busy in something you love goes a long way in reducing depression symptoms. You can immerse yourself in just anything like a book, painting, gardening, cooking etc.

Your favorite activity will keep you busy and would not let you drift away towards any negative feelings related to pregnancy. Even if you are advised bed rest, try to keep yourself busy to avoid mood swings and anxiety.

Lifestyle Changes

Since you are carrying a little life inside you it is important to seriously contemplate some modifications in your current style of living, more so if you are prone to depression and stress.

Start with an extremely healthy diet that should comprise of whole grains, fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A regular routine of exercise and some mild paced physical activity like walking or swimming plays a big role in reducing depression.

Apart from the above ways to manage pregnancy stress, you need to take plenty of rest, a good night’s sleep and a regular intake of prenatal supplements to get rid of depression, anxiety and irritable mood swings during all these nine months!