Egg Allergy – Its Symptoms And Remedies


Egg allergy can be found in many people, especially children. It is better not to introduce egg to your child’s diet before the age of 5. Sometimes, egg allergy can continue to adulthood.

Egg AllergyYou can successfully substitute egg with a non allergenic ingredient. There are egg substitutes and egg replacements. However, cooking using the egg substitute or the egg replacement does not give the same effect every time. Egg is usually used as a binder or a leavening agent.

Egg allergy symptoms can be either mild or severe. If the reaction to egg is mild, the skin is affected as also the gastrointestinal tract. If the egg allergy is severe, there is an instantaneous reaction. Some egg substitutes contain egg white and egg allergy symptoms may show up even when you are using only egg substitutes instead of egg. The only way to avoid egg allergy is to avoid egg and egg products altogether.

However, you may be taken by surprise because some food products do contain egg though we may not suspect it at all. Immediate and typical allergy symptoms are the appearance of hives, redness around mouth, rash, runny nose, sneezing and wet eyes along with itching, coughing, gagging or choking, breathing trouble or wheezing, cramps, nausea and diarrhea. The allergic reactions may stop suddenly or may bring about anaphylaxis, which can even lead to death.

avoid eggEgg allergy remedies can usually be tried out at home. When the digestive system is affected due to egg, pomegranate juice along with a gruel made of rice, water, pepper and ginger can be taken. Another egg allergy remedy would be a few drops of castor oil in a cup of fruit juice, taken on an empty stomach. A couple of bananas a day can ward off allergies in general.

Garlic, grapefruit and apples also naturally help allergic people. A paste of soaked and peeled almonds also does wonders. Some common food items which contain egg are eggnog, Bavarian cream, breads, cake, candies, cookies, pies, puffs, soufflés and waffles. Globulin and albumin are contained in egg along with other ingredients. All these foods are better when avoided.