Egg White Mask

We all are aware of the amazing benefits of egg whites. The egg white or the cytoplasm of the egg refers to the white part of the inside of an egg which surround the yolk.

Full of nutritional benefits and rich in essential minerals like proteins, potassium, calcium and iron, egg whites provide a major health boost. Interestingly this healthy food is also a great skin care tool especially if you have an oily skin that is prone to acne and blackheads.

Egg white masks are extremely popular for their cleaning properties and tightening effect. An egg white mask when applied on the face helps in cleansing and shrinking the open pores. It is thus often used as a base ingredient for many homemade skin masks for oily skin. This is also a boon for people suffering from acne and blackheads caused by the open pores and the deposits of sebum. So if your face is oily the egg white mask helps in retaining the oil balance effectively.

Moreover the egg white keeps your face supple and refreshed. Not only does the texture of your skin improve but the egg white mask also lightens skin tone as well. It reduces any redness or skin inflammation as well. For people who suffer from the effects of aging such as wrinkles and “droopy skin”, egg whites have a lifting and a firming effect.

To use the egg white mask, crack open two to three eggs in a glass dish. Now with your fingers, carefully separate the whites from the egg yolk. Use a wire whisk to evenly mix the whites. Take small amounts and apply on the face, spreading the mix over your face and neck. Apply several layers and smooth them over your face evenly.

Allow the mask to dry completely before you wash it off with cold water. Finish off with applying a moisturizer on face. You can also mix the egg white with other ingredients like honey and oatmeal for the best results. Mix the egg white with orange essential oil and a teaspoon of honey to soften and moisten your skin.

Oatmeal or ground almond mixed with egg white is also great for skin. Along with its host of skin care benefits, egg white masks are also cheap and easily available. The only glitch is the disgusting smell. However if you can ignore that then you have a miracle skin care tool in your hands.