Emotional Eating

Boredom, depression, anxiety, frustration, rage and loneliness are some of the triggers of emotional eating. We tend to replace our troublesome emotions with eating. Eating takes off your mind from worries and comforts you.

Such emotional eating disorders can have adverse consequences like weight gain, overeating and other related health problems. To overcome problems of emotional eating, follow these simple yet effective measures.

Maintain a diary that records your daily food intake along with the timings, place and the feeling which triggered the craving for food. When you will pen down your feelings for eating a particular meal, you can identify the reasons or negative feeling that trigger emotional eating and deal with them.

Try to recognize the patterns which lead to overeating. For instance, you might have a tendency to overeat while watching television or a stressful day at work may cause you to eat more. To prevent such occurrence, alter your routine and modify your habits. In case you have had a tiring day at work, don’t just sit down in front of TV with a bag of chips.

Instead take a cool shower and go for a walk. Or read some book or write a diary. Engage yourself in an activity that takes off your mind and prevents overeating.

Resist temptation and stay away from foods which you crave for after s stressful experience. Don’t keep them in your house or at your desk. Replace unhealthy snacking with nutritious food like sprouts or salad which is a low-calorie substitute. Occupy your hands with brisk exercise or manicure to stop mindless snacking.

While having your meals, focus your attention on the food. Eat slowly while savoring the taste and allow your brain to register the fact that your stomach is now full. In case you still feel hungry wait for sometime before going for a second helping. Reward yourself for resisting temptation by eating nutritious meals and snacks.

With little determination and self restraint, you will be able to overcome this habit of emotional eating and avoid overeating. Exercise regularly to keep yourself fit and get rid of excess calories

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