Energy Drinks: Lesser Known Side Effects

There is an increasing rage for energy drinks these days. The people who refuse to derive energy from natural foods, are easily attracted to the catchy one-liners and expressive marketing approach.

Easy availability of energy drinks is making young people increasingly dependent on them to boost energy levels and stamina, thus enhancing performance.The use of energy drinks by athletes and sportspersons for improving memory, stamina, and reflexes has raised their popularity. However, the safety of energy drinks has recently been questioned, owing to the combination of ingredients like caffeine, taurine, carnitine and creatine.

Plus the usage of herbs grown under the influence of pesticides. A number of physical and mental problems can reportedly be triggered by the consumption of energy drinks. Though different brands use different combinations of ingredients, the body reacts in varied ways to them.

A simple caffeine drink can make you anxious, steal your sleep, generate a headache and may even cause heart palpitations too. Allergic reactions, nervousness and jitters are also common side effects. Stimulant like ginseng can induce nausea, nose bleed, high or low blood pressures, and breast pain. Certain ingredients can interact with other medications and cause serious health problems. B Vitamins in energy drinks can cause sensory nerve problems or skin lesions.

Excessive intake of energy drinks can result in high sugar or fructose content in the body, and laxative issues cannot be overruled and regular problems of dental health problems like cavities. Some energy drinks are high in carbohydrates; this will often make it harder for food and nutrients to be absorbed into your bloodstream, so your energy boost might not be as high or as effective.

Excess carbohydrates can also cause some gastrointestinal problems – and weight gain is a common side effect. Sometimes, these drinks are mixed with alcohol and their conflicting effects result in dehydration, loss of coordination and slower reflexes.

Teenagers, pregnant women, and people on medications should be careful before consuming an energy drink. Fatalities have not been reported, but serious health effects of energy have been imposing a threat to people who look at them for that extra dose of energy. It is best to turn to nature to acquire the energy levels you have always wanted.