Essential Nutrients for Healthy Women

Diet is the only source which provides nutrients to the body and helps in its normal functioning. A women body is very complex. It undergoes various biological changes throughout her life cycle  and hence needs special care and nutritional support at every stage.

Therefore,every women should plan her meals in such a way that she is able to supplement her daily needs of nutrients to stay healthy.  Calcium is good for healthy bones, teeth and skin. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that every individual get their daily supplement of calcium especially women.

Because women have greater chances of bone related disease like osteoporosis. Moreover, during pregnancy they require additional supplements of calcium for normal growth and development of the baby. Best sources of calcium are milk and milk products like curd, cheese, yogurt and green vegetables like broccoli.

Iron is responsible for forming red blood corpuscles which carries oxygen to the various parts of the body.Women generally tend to loose iron through menstruation and hence are low in iron. Therefore,its important for women to eat iron rich diets and take iron supplements.

In case of pregnant women,it becomes all the more important  to maintain a high level of haemoglobin for growth and safe delivery of baby. Fruits like pomegranates, figs,dates,milk,sea food meat like liver etc have high iron content and hence are  considered to be rich source .

To stay healthy and active,its very important to eliminate undigested food particles form body.These undigested particles are unwanted by our body and hence needs to be removed from our system. If they are not removed regularly, then this may lead to various health problems like stomach ace,cramps,bloating,indigestion,constipation,lack of concentration etc.

Therefore,cleaning of colon is necessary to be healthy. The best way is to include lots of high fibre food in your diet. Like, carrot,apples, papaya,oats, mangoes etc. Fibre also has the benefit to reduce cholesterol level, diabetes, heart problems etc.

Folic acid helps to maintain normal level of hymocysteine and thus prevent from cancer and other heart diseases. In addition to this,its guards against birth defects and genetic disease and  thus helps in healthy and normal growth of fetus .

Therefore,its important for all women who are planning to have baby,to consume 400 micro gram of folic acid daily and in case of pregnant ladies ,they should consume 600 micro gram daily.

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