Excessive Sleeping And Its Effects

Sleeping is a natural phenomenon and is important to maintain the well being of human body. Studies show that the body repairs itself during sleep. Sleep gives time for the mind to relax and as a result, we feel fresh in the morning when we get up from sleep. Nevertheless, excessive sleeping can cause adverse effects to the body and trigger certain disorders.

While sleeping, the muscles tend to relax and ease the tension of the whole day. As a result, the body temperature settles at a lower rate to make up for the inactivity of the body. If you sleep for longer hours, the muscles will become relaxed and loose and hence the body temperature will dip even further. On waking up, it will take some time for the body to get back to the normal temperature and, will make you lethargic till your body temperature normalizes.

Sleeping till late hours reduces your time to perform physical activity like brisk walking, which help the muscles to fortify.  Moreover you forgo your time to carry out tasks that may be important and urgent. Excessive sleeping can deteriorate your overall physical health and agitate your mental calm.

When you perform a physical activities, certain hormones are secreted which are responsible for keeping you happy and cheerful. Sleeping for excessive hours affect the secretion of these hormones and keep you in a bad mood all day.

Though a person feels fresh after taking adequate sleep, excessive sleeping can make you dull and forgetful. Sleeping for long hours has the opposite effect of making you feel tired and dizzy. Loss of memory and difficulty in concentration are other drawbacks of excessive sleeping.

The habit of excessive sleeping can be overcome by following certain measures. Sleeping for at least six hours in a day and waking up early can help you to overcome excessive sleeping. If you are unable to sleep peacefully, listen to soft and soothing music or read a light book which will help to induce sleep.

Taking a cold shower before going to bed can be very helpful as it relaxes the body and induces sleep. Regular exercise maintains proper circulation and can help you to cope up with excessive sleeping.