Exercise And Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which the body is unable to produce the required amount of insulin or is unable to utilize the produced insulin properly.

This leads to increase in sugar levels of the blood. This condition can be fatal and could cause damage in many internal organs like heart and kidneys.

Exercising regularly helps us to keep a tab on all associated medical conditions of diabetes. Regular exercises increase the body’s insulin sensitivity.With exercise the body weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels of a diabetic person is lowered.

Also heart diseases which usually accompany diabetes can be tackled efficiently by exercising. Daily exercises make diabetic patients less prone to conditions like stroke.

Diabetes can be controlled by performing aerobic exercises, where the body tends to use more amount of oxygen. Here the demand of muscles for glucose increases. This helps in the breakdown of the glucose present in the blood leading to stabilization in the blood sugar levels.

The rate of pumping blood by the heart is also increased by these types of exercises. The arms and legs, which are usually problematic areas for diabetic people receive proper blood circulation.

Walking, swimming and dancing are some of the easy and risk free aerobic exercises which can be performed by people suffering from diabetes. You can also try your hand at games like tennis .Diabetic people exercising for the first time should start off with light exercises and then gradually progress to higher levels.

People who suffer from diabetes may also suffer from pain in legs & feet caused by nerve disorders. So it is very much important to wear comfortable fitting shoes and sweat absorbing socks while exercising. This helps in preventing formation of blisters and infections in the feet.

People who suffer from diabetes should take extra care while exercising as overdoing the exercises can drastically reduce the blood sugar levels in the body leading to a condition called hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a dangerous condition which can even be fatal.

Sudden change in heartbeat, a feeling of nervousness and excessive sweating are the symptoms of this condition. If so, exercising should be stopped and medical help should be sought immediately.

Also before starting off with any exercise program it is recommended to take the advice of your physician.