Exercise During Pregnancy For Safe Child Birth

Most of the times, pregnant ladies get confused about how to exercise during pregnancy. Aerobic exercises are one of the effective physical activities that can be done during pregnancy. These exercises improve the blood circulation and breathing function.

Aerobic exercises also reduce bloating, constipation, swelling and lower back pain. In addition, sleep would be more restful with improvement in overall health. It would help in safe child birth.

Exercise during pregnancy increases the heart beat for a considerable time. Aerobic exercises should be included in the schedule for minimum three days per week. But care should be taken that it is not overdone.

Exercises such as walking, bicycle pedaling, swimming and other low-intensity physical activities are suitable for pregnant women. Take appropriate care that heart beat increases only up to an optimum level. Do not overdo as it would lead you to gasping for breath and panting while talking.

Ideally, healthy pregnant ladies should take a stroll for about 30 minutes every day. During pregnancy, the level of exertion related to a particular exercise rises with each day passing due to more requirements of oxygen and nutrients by the baby.

With the delivery approaching nearer, the effort put in exercising should be reduced. Unjustified pressure of exercise would pose a risk of damage to the ligaments connecting the uterus.

Stay fit during Early Pregnancy

Exercise during early pregnancy is very beneficial to women as it relaxes the mind, body and soul and thus provides mental peace. It also prepares the body to adjust for hormonal changes that occur due to conception.

Exercises are advantageous not only during the pregnancy period, but also in the post delivery phase. Exercises show a positive effect even on the development of child. Women who exercise are blessed with healthier babies with better cardiovascular activity. Also, the babies are less prone to get inflicted with diabetes and problems of getting overweight.

Exercise during pregnancy is an effective way to keep many of the problems related to pregnancy, such as vomiting insomnia, fatigue and headache at bay. It is advisable to be careful about your fitness and diet if you are pregnant or are planning to conceive.