Exercise For Mind – Meditation


Meditation has been used since ages by people of different religions and communities as a form of prayer and ritual to communicate with the almighty.

But even in today’s day and age, amid this fast paced life of material world there are various benefits which one can derive by doing meditation; it is a kind of mental exercise which gives you positive energy and relaxes your muscles, which subsequently reduces your stress levels and helps you to become more focused in your daily life.

But the important thing is, how to do it in a proper way, below we are giving out some tips on how to do it.

Find out suitable Location:

Having a quiet place is very important for meditation. If finding a quite place is proving difficult, then you can choose a corner of your room and play some soft music or natural sound to block all kinds of distraction.

If you are mediating outside your home then choose a quiet corner away from road or walking path. While meditating direct contact with the ground is important, so sit on the ground, not on a chair or sofa.


Before starting meditation relax your body and clear your mind of other things, tell yourself that next 15 minutes no images or thoughts will come into your mind. You will concentrate only on the present moment & meditation, and don’t think about the past or future.


Breathing is an important part of meditation. Take slow, deep and regular breathing that starts from the nostrils and ends up in your diaphragm, hold the breath then let it out slowly.

You can take a breath in counts 1, 2 then breathe out 3, 4, continue this process for about 5 minutes. Follow this process and you can easily learn how to take breaths during meditation.

Visualization & Repetition:

During meditation visualize a mystical temple or a sanctuary in nature with waterfall & hot springs. Infuse your visualizations with emotions and bring positive emotions, such as love, success & recognition.

It is a powerful method to change your dream into reality. The same time & place give you an automatic meditation response and you will start deeper meditation with in a few weeks.

Some important things:

It is important to meditate with a straight back, don’t meditate after eating a heavy meal. If possible take a bath and wear clean clothes before meditating.


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