Exercises After Cesarean Section

Many women have to undergo the surgical procedure of c-section for delivering babies. A cesarean section is performed only when the life of mother or baby is under threat. The operation has its risks but is mainly successful. However, many women notice weaker abdominal muscles after a c-section.Fortunately for such women there are exercises after cesarean section that can help them come back to shape and also tighten their abdominal and pelvic muscles.

But before you begin any exercise after your c-section it is important to take the approval your doctor. Many women after their c-section are not in the best of health.

Your doctor will generally give you the green signal for exercising three to six months after your c-section. The time is dependent on your health and whether your internal stitches have healed or not. Initially one can start daily walks for twenty minutes two weeks after the surgery.

The duration of these walks can be increased depending on your comfort level. Start exercising only after the mandatory rest of six months.
The best exercise to begin after a c-section is Kegel. By performing Kegels you will be tightening and strengthening the loose pelvic muscles.

Pelvic muscles lose their tone when the uterus begins enlarging. Doing Kegels will also help you avoid developing incontinence which is a common issue after child birth. Kegel exercise can be done anywhere, anytime without anyone noticing. Find your pelvic muscles by contracting the muscles that help release urine.

Keep the muscles contracted for a no more than five second and then relax them gradually, again for five second. Perform the contraction-relaxation routine for as many times as you want. Kegel will not only tone your pelvic muscles but also tighten the lower abs that used during the contraction of pelvic muscles.

Exercise your ab muscles with the help of Swiss balls. However, do not use the Swiss balls for toning your abdomen muscles before your stitches have healed. You should also not feel any abdominal or pelvic pain when performing exercises on the Swiss ball.

Sit on the Swiss ball with your back resting on it. Cross your hands on your chest and slowly raise your upper body. As you raise yourself from the ball you will feel your abdominal muscles tighten. Remember to breathe out as your raise yourself. Remain in the raised position for two-five seconds and come back to star position. Perform 10 repetitions.