Exercises for Knee Pain

Knee joints are the most common affected areas by injury and old age. Walking, climbing stairs, running, sitting and getting up from chair, all contribute to wear and tear of knee joints. With age, the situation deteriorates and people develop severe knee pain which makes moving about a difficult task.

Therefore strengthening of muscles that support the knee joints is inevitable to prevent knee problems. When the muscles surrounding your knee joints become weak, they are unable to absorb shock and give undue stress on the joint which can damage it further.

Strengthening exercises accompanied with stretching exercises fortifies the knee muscles and slows down the process of wear and tear. Here are simple workouts that have effective results in curbing knee pain.

Quadriceps is the main muscle that controls the knee joint. In order to ensure, proper functioning of the knee joint, it is essential to strengthen the quadriceps. Sturdy and well coordinated quadriceps muscles increase knee stability. Quadriceps muscles are extensively used while ascending or descending stairs, walking and getting up from a chair.

To fortify them, lie down on a plain surface and stretch your legs. Now tighten the thigh muscles while trying to push down the knee and raising the heels. Hold in this position for 20 seconds. This is known as Quadriceps Tensing.

Inner range contraction enables activation of quadriceps muscles. Roll a towel and place it under your knees. Now try to straighten the knee as you lift your heels. This allows the quadriceps muscles to contract.

Another exercise which fortifies hip muscles is straight leg raise. Lie down on a plain surface and lift your leg but keep your knee straight. Lift your leg to a height of 6 inches from the surface.

While walking normally or on stairs, we bend our knees. Practicing knee bending is important to carry out these tasks without difficulty. Bend your knee and hold this position for few seconds.

Now straighten your legs. Repeat it 15-20 times. Another exercise is to lie down on the front and bend your knee while keeping the thigh on the floor.

Regular practicing of these exercises has been proven beneficial for people suffering from severe knee pain.