Exercises For Overweight People

Whether you are overweight or not, regular exercising is very much required to keep yourself fit and fine.

For an overweight individual the exercise routine will be different than that followed by a normal healthy individual. This is because the size and weight of obese people limits their mobility.

There are many low impact exercises which can be followed by overweight people for attaining overall fitness and weight loss.

Water aerobics and swimming are one most of the most suited type of exercise for overweight people. Water exercises are proven to be more beneficial than land exercises. Here pushing against water is done, leading to burning of calories and excess fat. Besides that swimming and water aerobics are the safest form of exercises as they pose a very low risk of injury

One of the best ways for overweight people to lose fat is by following interval training methods of exercising. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a very effective form of interval training which can be practiced by obese people to lose oodles of fat quickly.

Strength training is another exercise routine which is to be followed by overweight people. There is a popular misconception that lifting weights will make people fat. In reality, weights only build the muscle mass and helps to burn off the unwanted body fat. Obese people should perform strength training to build up their stamina and endurance and then later move onto cardio exercises.

People who are overweight might find jogging and running difficult because of their body weight. But they can always resort to the easy method of walking. It is a low impact form of exercise which is gentle on the knees and joints. Overweight people can try uphill walking for efficient calorie burning.

Overweight people can use exercise balls to get a great workout. Workout with an exercise ball increases the balance, stability and abdominal strength. They can also resort to activities like dancing and playing games like basketball or tennis.

If there is any difficulty in standing then seated exercises like bending at the waist in different directions and leg and arm movements that helps to build stamina can be done.

Overweight people can very well work out like normal people but at a slower pace. By consistently following a workout regime, the problem of overweight and obesity can be tackled efficiently.