Exercises For Teenagers To Maintain Fitness And Health


Exercises For Teenagers To Maintain Fitness And HealthAlmost everyone now days want to look good. Looks do matter. They are important for both, professional life and private life. If a person does not look good, he/she can have a serious problem of depression. Studies state that people who feel that they do not look good are afraid to face the public.

Slowly they get afraid to face their friends and family members also. All this leads to lowering their self respect and they get into depression, which is a really serious problem. To have a fit and good looking body, it is necessary to have a healthy diet and to exercise.

There are many surveys that are conducted on teenagers. Most of these surveys show that teenagers of the present generation rarely indulge in physical activities. This is because of all the gadgets like mobile phones, I pods, x box, play stations, etc.

Teenagers are into these gadgets almost all the time. They do not have any time for exercise. Exercise for any age group is important, be it teenagers or adults. That is why parents should take part in the lives of their children and make sure that they include exercise in their daily routine to stay fit and healthy.

Consequences Of Lack Of Exercise

Parents want to be their kid’s best friend. Due to this reason only, if a child watches TV or surfs the internet most of his/her day, the parents do not say anything. They are afraid that they will be given the tag of ‘bad guys’. It is important to know that if your child does not exercise, he/she can get the problem of obesity.

Due to obesity, there are other problems which occur. Some of them are liver inflammation, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc. if your child is overweight, he/she can also become the laughing stock in their friend circle. This will lower the self – esteem of the child and will result in depression.

Important Tips

Teenagers should exercise regularly. There are many types of exercises that a person can do to keep his/her body fit. Running or jogging and cycling are very good options. If you are interested in body building then joining a gym is a good option.

But what you need to remember is that you should start your weight training when you are eighteen to nineteen years of age. This is because till this age your height is increasing at a constant rate. Weight training slows it down.

Jogging Or Cycling

They both are very good exercises. In these types of exercises a lot of calories are burnt. Burning calories helps in loosing weight and staying fit. Make a routine of jogging or cycling for at least forty minutes a day. Do take breaks in between your routine, because your body also needs rest, you can not exercise everyday.

Tips For Joining A Gym

Teenagers do not join gym because they get embarrassed. Well, there is no need for embarrassment. Almost everyone goes to the gym for only one reason, which is, staying fit and healthy.

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All you have to do is concentrate on your self and your goals. Stop worrying about other people.

Setting Goals – Really Important

Always remember, having a goal is important. Before joining the gym, think about what your goals are. If you are overweight, then you have to reduce your body mass, or you want a muscular body. Whatever your goal is, think about it and memorize it. Once that part is done, you are ready to start your exercise routine.

Work With A Partner

Whenever you are working out in a gym, it is always beneficial to do it with a partner. When you have a partner you would not feel alone. There will always be someone to motivate you. You will have someone to talk to. This will make your exercises easy. Just remember that exercising is your goal, do not waste your time chatting away.

Learning The Correct Stuff

There are many kinds of exercises that a person can do in a gym. For all these exercises, there are proper techniques of doing them. Try your best to learn these techniques properly. If you are finding any difficulties, ask the gym trainer to help you. Learning the techniques is important because is the exercise is done in a wrong way, it can cause serious injury to our body.

Extra Tips

Besides gym, jogging and cycling there are many other things you can do to stay fit and to meet the daily requirement of your physical activities. If you have interest in a particular kind of sport, like basketball, football, swimming, etc then you must play it. Playing a sport everyday can be really beneficial. Besides exercising, you also have the opportunity of meeting new people and making friends.

At the end of the day, rest is really important. No matter which type of exercise you take up, always give time for your body to recover. This can only be done if you take breaks in between of your exercise routine.

For example if you have a weekly plan of exercising, then out of those seven days you should rest for two days at least. Carry a bottle of energy drink with you. It has glucose which keeps the energy level of your body to the required level. Due to this you will not get tired during your exercise routine.


For teenagers, it is important to exercise because they have a whole life ahead of them. If they start exercising now, they will be fit when they get old also. Just remember to have a healthy diet which contains all the nutrients in them.

Some of the nutrients are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. Have green vegetables and fruits. Avoid having oily and junk food. Also have lots of water. Water helps to increase the metabolism rate of our body. Have at least 10 – 12 glasses of water every day. Stay healthy, enjoy life.

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