Exercises For The Elderly

Exercises are necessary for a person to remain fit and fine. The necessity of doing exercises gains very much importance in the later years of a person’s life. It is very much important for the elderly and aged to keep them fit by doing exercises. But all types of exercises may not be suitable for the elderly people owing to restrictions imposed by their age and health conditions.

An aged person can start off exercising slowly and steadily by doing light exercises. Consulting a physician for advice is very important before starting off the exercise regime.

Walking is a form of exercise suited for aged people. It is simple and non strenuous. It helps in increasing the blood circulation and improves body flexibility. Yoga is another form of exercise which can be practiced by aged people. Yoga consists of stretches and breathing exercises. It provides a great source of relaxation and joy to the mind. Yoga helps in increasing the intake of oxygen and also peps up the functioning of the internal organs. It is also seen that regular practice of yoga also helps in keeping conditions like diabetes, cholesterol and insomnia under control.

Armchair exercises are another form of exercise which is suitable for elderly people who find it very difficult to move around and get up. These exercises involves sitting in a position like a chair and at the same time exercising your neck, toes, feet and hand by various simple movements. This helps in strengthening the muscles and improving their flexibility.

The advantage of this exercise is that it is simple and can be done anywhere. Light physical exercises like a walk on the treadmill and certain stretching exercises are recommended for elders. Aerobics is also a highly recommended form of exercise as the movements involved is found beneficial in improving the overall health of the individual. Circuit training which involves a combination of both aerobics and light weight training is another form of exercise popular among the elderly.

Along with these exercises it is necessary to maintain a good diet. Also any fatigue occurred during the exercises should be immediately reported to your health care physician. Safety should be the prime concern to have when exercising.

Thus by daily exercising, one can be sure to turn the later years of his life into a healthy and fit one.