Exercises That Can Have A Magical Effect On Your Metabolism

Slow metabolism is a problem, which plagues many people and leads to weight gain. It can be a genetic problem at times but a lack of exercise and improper diet worsens the problem of slow metabolism.

There are a number of very effective exercises, which should ideally be combined with a proper balanced diet for stepping up your metabolism. It is not necessarily a time consuming routine. If you are wondering how to speed up your metabolism, then look no further. Just take into account some important tips, devise a plan and start working on it, to see your metabolism rate increase.

Working out regularly is the key to increase metabolism rate. Your special metabolism exercise routine need not be something very tedious. You first need to focus on the cardio exercises like walking, jogging, dancing, swimming or anything that speeds up your heart rate. Choose an activity that you enjoy and spend at least 30 to 60 minutes per day doing that. At office or at home just take the stairs even that counts as an aerobic activity.

Another way to increase metabolism activity of your body is to do resistance or weight training. This when combined with a cardio routine works wonders for your metabolic rate. While doing a cardio workout your body burns calories but resistance training ensures that your body burns calories throughout the day even when you are not working out vigorously. So if you are seriously thinking about how to speed up your metabolism then the benefits of resistance training should not be ignored.

You don’t have to fret thinking that you can do resistance training only at the gym. Just get hold of some weights and resistance bands. Invest in some good quality instruction video and you can do a workout at home, that’s all the metabolism exercise you need to ensure that your body burns calories all day.

Do remember to do your stretching before you start weight training and also start with very light weights and discontinue if you experience severe pain. A soft workout regime combined with all aforementioned elements can surely help you have an improved metabolism and a lovely silhouette.