Exercises To Deal With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The narrow tunnel formed by the bones and tissues in your wrist is called the carpal tunnel. This carpal tunnel actually protects the median nerve, which helps move your thumb and fingers. Due to certain repetitive motions, the tissues and ligament of the carpal tunnel get swollen or inflamed, which then presses against the median nerve causing severe pain and discomfort in the region.

This occurrence is called carpal tunnel syndrome, which usually occurs in people who perform the same activities repetitively. It is important to note that overcoming this syndrome is possible through simple exercises. Following are some such exercises that help overcome this syndrome.

Some Basic Exercises

Simple exercises like stretching, relaxing, bending and relaxing fingers as well as tightening of fists help deal with carpal tunnel syndrome. Stretching involves extending and stretching the wrist and hand, such that they are in a standing position.

Hold onto this position till a count of five and then release. This should be followed by relaxing, where both the wrists are straight and the fingers relaxed. Tighten both your hands into fists and hold it as tight as possible and follow it by bending your wrist, while holding the tight fist position, till a count of five. Finally, straighten the wrists and relax your fingers.

Median Nerve gliding exercises

This is another popular exercise for overcoming the carpal tunnel syndrome. Here, you have to move your thumb in six directions, while keeping your wrist stable. The hand is folded into a fist and the wrist is held neutral, then the fingers and thumb are straightened.

Make sure your thumb is away from the palm and your wrist is bent backwards. Then move the wrist to face up and use the other hand to pull your thumb away from the palm. Each position should be held for 7 seconds, while this exercise should be repeated for 3-5 times in a day.

Tendon Gliding Exercises

While the thumb was the main thrust in the previous exercise, here the fingers need to be moved to 5 positions while ensuring the wrist is kept neutral. This exercise, like the previous one has to be repeated five times a day, with each position maintained for at least seconds, in order to overcome carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is easily overcome, provided you detect it early and follow these simple exercises. Using an ice pack in addition to these exercises will help reduce the inflammation and pain.