Exercises to Slim and Tone Legs

Which women does not want a pair of slim and sexy legs that look super cool with killer heels? Any woman would kill for a pair of legs that are slim and well toned. But getting slim and toned legs will not happen overnight. Along with exercising you will have to make dietary changes as well.

To get slim legs you will have to burn fat and tone muscles. Any exercise will take time to show results.  But the exercises will improve the muscle tone and appearance of the target area.

There are two ways in which exercises are performed: for size and strength, and for tone and endurance. Both forms of exercise help burn excess fat from the target area. However, exercises that help tone and build stamina are preferred for reducing size.

If you want slim legs you will have to go for low-impact exercises that emphasize on longer workout or doing numerous repetitions using less weight. Walking, jogging and running are cardio exercises that help tone muscles while working out the entire body.

Biking, elliptical training, leg lifts, squats
and toe lifts are high impact workouts and are generally more effective in slimming legs and increasing their tone. Regular exercising along with low calorie diet should be your mantra for the next couple of months. If you keep your calorie intake low you will see the results faster.

Biking is a low impact exercise that helps not only with fat burning but also with muscle building. Biking is mainly targeted at the lower part of the body and is great for slimming and toning legs. 20-30 minutes every day on the bike will give you good results.

Elliptical trainer or cross trainer is another low impact workout where the focus is on burning fat. Thirty minutes of elliptical training daily will greatly reduce the fat from your calves making your legs appear slimmer. Both the bike and elliptical trainer exercise the legs without putting pressure on the joints.

Toe lifts are easy to perform, highly effective and help tone the calf muscles. Stand straight with feet shoulder-length apart. Now stand on your toes by performing the motion of a jump. Your feet should not leave the ground. Hold a chair or a table for balance. Come back to start position and repeat. You can do toe lifts throughout the day.