Exercises to Tone Pelvic Muscles Post-partum


Women who give birth vaginally are often disturbed about the muscles in their pelvic floor. During pregnancy the growing baby rests its weight against the walls of the pelvic floor and vaginal birth causes the tissues of the pelvis to stretch and tear. It is no wonder then that many new mothers end up with loose pelvic muscles leading to incontinence and lack of interest in sex.

But there is no need to lose sleep over weakened pelvic muscles. One can regain the lost tone by doing few simple exercises.

Begin your Kegel exercises right after the birth of your child. Many doctors advice would-be-mothers to do these exercises before birth for a smooth natural delivery. Kegel exercises help tighten the loose vagina after birth by strengthening and toning the pelvic muscles. After the delivery you might not be able to feel yourself exercising. It is absolutely fine. While you might not feel them, your pelvic muscles would still be exercising.

Kegels are easy to do. You simply need to find the muscles by pretending to starting and stopping urine flow. Contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles is the key to doing kegels the right way. Slowly contract the muscles and try holding them in that position for a little longer than 10 seconds. Steadily increase the hold time. You can do kegels anytime and anywhere. No one would notice!

You can use Ben wa balls to tone your pelvic muscles. Slide the balls in your vagina using lubrication. You will need to tighten your pelvic floor muscles to hold the balls in place. The vaginal walls will also contract to keep the balls in. Soon your pelvic floor muscles will be able to hold the balls without much effort. Remember to use non-perfumed and water based lubricants to insert the balls inside. Anything else can give you vaginal infection so soon after delivery. Oil based lubricants can negate the use of condoms by destroying the latex used in them.

Once you achieve your aim it is important to continue with the exercising or your pelvic muscles will slacken again. Strong pelvic floor will get rid of incontinence and also help you enjoy sex better.