Exercising for a Healthy Life

Exercise is a very important factor, determining the health of an individual. It refers to the physical exertion of the body- making the body do a physical activity, which results in a healthier level of fitness and both physical and mental health.

It is an incredibly important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is attributed to preventing cancers, high blood pressure, sleep disorders and even asthma. It increases physical fitness, helps build muscles and joints and leads to increased endurance and muscular strength.

People who exercise regularly have lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Also, exercising on a daily basis promotes psychological well being and self-esteem. It is said that it helps reduce feelings of anxiety and depression too.

Physical activity involves moving the body. This can be done in any manner or form. Walking daily, either to a close by grocery store or to wherever possible, or just using stairs instead of escalators promotes physical fitness.

Exercise, however is divided into three categories – light, moderate and vigorous. Going for a walk or mild activities are a form of light exercise. Brisk walking, cycling moderately and all those activities which make one feel slightly out of breath, fall under moderate category.

Thirdly, vigorous is a form of exercise which is comparatively more exhausting. Running, cycling fast and heavy weight training fall under this category.

Every individual, whether an adult, teenage or a child must indulge in some form of physical activity or the other. It helps in attaining physical fitness and improving overall stamina and immunity of the body.

Being physically fit in everyday terms means that one can perform daily chores without feeling fatigued. This is a very important quality and must be acquired by each one of us. Physical fitness has three components: Strength, stamina and suppleness.

For strength, one must pit his muscles against some resistance force- such as gravity in weight lifting, water in swimming or pedal in cycling. Stamina is the capacity of performing physically tiring activities for a long time.

Suppleness on the other hand refers to the ability of moving the body freely. It can be enhanced by doing exercises that move the joints. So get rid of that lazy attitude and make fitness a part of your lifestyle. Adopt a regular exercise regime and benefit your body, mind and soul.