Exercising Tips For Adults

Exercising Tips For Adults

Growing age brings with it a bunch of experiences and health wise lower metabolism and loosening of muscular tissues too. This in turn leads to fatigue, tiredness, obesity and many more ailments. To save our body from all these disasters and stay fit we need to exercise regularly. Researches suggest that it is not important to exercise every day. Exercising for 4 days in a week for 30 minutes every day helps a lot in keeping us fit and healthy.

Exercising Tips For Adults

Do not over exercise on the very first day, rather keep on increasing slowly the number of repetitions day by day and simultaneously increase the time of exercising by say 5 minutes every day. Basic weight training helps in increasing muscle mass, burns calories thus decreasing our weight.

Walking is the best exercise, start with a 20 minute walk. Then keep on increasing 10 minutes every 2nd or 3rd day keeping the pace of walking the same as you started. May be after a month when your body is fully adapted to the routine you can increase your pace of walking.

Walk as much as you can. Avoid travelling on a vehicle for short distances take a walk for nearby outdoor jobs, this helps a lot. Our body will stay in best shape by making it walk as much as you can; sedentary lifestyle is a silent killer. So if going to nearby market or to pick your kid avoid using two wheelers or taxi’s take a walk.


For Aerobics activity Treadmill and Exercising Bikes are the best option. Stop using lifts wherever possible, be it your office or in the mall. Take stairs to move around, this will make your heart healthy. Make it a routine to exercise everyday and if you are not able to exercise punish yourself by not watching television that day. You can do some light stretches while watching television too.

If you have small kids the take them out every evening to the park and play with them or run with them in the park. In the house also playing with them will make them feel closer to you and indirectly you will do some exercising.

Skipping rope is also one of the best exercises, as it is easy to do and does not take much time of yours. Moreover it helps in keeping you fresh and energetic and reduces weight also.  If possible join Gymnasium, because a physical trainer will help you in exercising each and every body part. This way toning each and every muscle of your body and help you in achieving your weight loss target.

Skipping rope

Try doing the household chores everyday on your own, like dusting, cleaning and wiping the floor are best exercises which will make you fit and along with that will keep your house also very clean and tidy.  Wash clothes on your own and ditch the washing machine once or twice a week, this will help in reducing fat around waist and tummy.

Join swimming, dancing or boxing or aerobic classes this will increase your social circle and help in weight loss. Meeting new people in the class will boost your self confidence too. Suryanamaskar, which should be done early in the morning, is the best exercise for the whole body. It relaxes the whole body muscles, keeps you healthy and gives mental peace too.

Yoga is the best form of exercise, try to join yoga classes, if not possible buy a good DVD of yoga and do at home it. Exercise keeps your heart muscles healthy and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It improves our immunity and reduces stress and makes our sex life rocking. So realise the importance of exercising and make your body fit with age.