Explanation About Different Stages Of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most critical phases in the life of a woman. In order to enjoy motherhood, it is vital for a lady to take care of herself properly during pregnancy period. Proper care can only be taken, if a lady has knowledge with regard to what is going inside the body.

Different Stages Of Pregnancy

Appropriate knowledge with respect to the development of the baby inside the womb would be of huge support in ensuring safety of both, the baby and the expecting mother. The whole pregnancy phase is divided into various stages, viz first trimester, second trimester and third trimester.

Having proper knowledge with respect to each and every phase is important, so that maximum care can be taken.  Also, it is advised to make a journal, which would be of great use, for both the gynecologist and the pregnant lady, hence helping to keep a track of the ongoing developments inside the mother’s womb.

This would be of great aid in avoiding any kind of risk with respect to baby’s health, and would help in taking preventive measures in advance, so that the growth of the baby is not restricted. Some knowledge with regard to stages of pregnancy has been given in the section below:

Pregnancy Stages

First trimester (first three months)

The first three months of pregnancy period are the most crucial ones. A lady may witness various kinds of changes in her body during the early stages of pregnancy. She might see a growth in her breasts and the area around the nipples getting darker.

Also, problem of nausea or morning sickness during the first trimester is very common. A woman may feel like vomiting throughout the day, especially in the morning after getting up from bed. Women also feel an urge for urinating quite often during this period. In this stage, the fetus attains the size of only a hazelnut.

During this period, it is advised to stay on highly nutritious diet, so that the baby attains all the vital nutrients for proper and healthy development. This is the most critical development stage for the baby, and therefore utmost care should be taken with respect to nutrition. The meals of the day should be divided into smaller portions, so that the stomach remains full all the time, and the feeling of nausea is prevented.

Also, this would help in improving the digestive system of the ladies. Further, pregnant ladies are advised to take a capsule of folic acid every day in this pregnancy phase to provide the body with adequate iron and other vital nutrients. Light exercise (for e.g. walking) is recommended to keep in good health. However, lifting heavy weights is strongly prohibited in all the pregnancy stages, especially during the early stages of pregnancy.

First trimester

Second trimester (4-6 months)

The second pregnancy phase starts from fourth month, in which a lady starts observing huge changes in the shape of her body due to growth of the baby in size. This is the phase when the first milk in the breasts of the lady would be produced; which is however not noted often.

The entire skin tone may get darkened, and the area around the nipples may get blackened.  The size of the belly increases prominently in this phase, which may make a woman disturbed at times. However, this is a temporary phase, and therefore women should not feel bad about it and should enjoy the pregnancy period to utmost extent.

Skin discoloration and pigmentation are a couple of other problems faced during this stage. Also, there is extra pressure on the blood vessels situated around the lady’s womb, which results into hemorrhoids. Women may feel some movement going inside the womb during the sixth month. Hence, it can be said that this pregnancy stage show a growth in the size of both fetus and pregnant lady.

Second trimester

Third trimester (7-9 months)

This is the last phase of the pregnancy period, during which ladies are expected to get prepared for the childbirth. The breasts feel highly loaded, and women also start having pain in the lower back. Swelling in feet, leg cramps and problem of headache are very common in this phase. The belly size of the lady grows very big in the last trimester.

Frequent urination is one of the highly uncomfortable situations during this phase. In this tough phase, several exercises are recommended, so that childbirth is facilitated. Regular walking of around half an hour in the morning and in the evening would be of immense support in child delivery process. Also, healthy greasy food items are recommended so that the movement of the child is facilitated.

Apart from all the troubles faced during this pregnancy phase, a lady would definitely enjoy the kicks and movements that take place within her womb during the last few months. The pleasure received due to this movement of the unborn child would make her forget all her problems. In the third trimester, training for breastfeeding is given, so as to avoid feeding problem after delivery.

Women, who take care of their health properly and follow all the tips mentioned here during all the stages of pregnancy would be able to deliver the child in a normal manner; else caesarian process of child delivery would be carried out, which may pose several problems later in life.

The pregnancy stages discussed above would be of massive aid in enabling a pregnant lady to understand the development going on inside the body. Women should be very careful with respect to their health in all the three phases. Also, women should take care of their diet throughout the pregnancy period, so that the baby develops healthily in both physical and mental aspects.

This difficult phase in the life of the women would be passed in an easy manner, if they get extended support from their partners and other family members. With the help of the information given here, a pregnant woman would be able to enjoy her pregnancy and live a happy, healthy and safe pregnancy.

Third trimester